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 Meet Some of Our Students! 

KKSOM has been blessed to instruct some of the best students in the world! Our student body expands all age brackets and caters to each one individually! Here are some of the programs KKSOM has participated in!

Kingdom Keys School of Music is proud of the many classes they have hosted! Each class is energetic, informative and exciting in presenting the various materials!

Foster's Childcare & Learning Center

Summer Music Program 2016

KKSOM Beginner Piano Class
Winter Semester 2016

Join the next class and begin the road to musical greatness! Live your dreams by enjoying the Kingdom Keys Experience!

Students of all ages have found a musical home with Kingdom Keys School of Music. They have been able to accomplish their musical goals and satisfy their burning desires of playing the piano.

Play Now Work Later Adult Beginner Class
Fall Semester 2017


Don't believe us? Hear what our students have to say! 

"I like to play the piano so I can play the music I hear on the Christian station!"

— Jamel Barksdale II ,

Intermediate Piano Student, Age 9

"What I love about Kingdom Keys Music is how the lesson plan is customized to meet the needs and goals of the student in a way that is easy to understand and achievable. On top of that, my instructor is kind, patient, and very encouraging. Lastly, the prices are affordable, the locations are easily accessible and the hours are accommodating to busy students!"

— Rashida Johnson

-- Intermediate Piano Student, Gospel Music Recording Artist, age 40

"I enjoy the kingdom-minded instruction, the tailored coursework, and the in-depth musical knowledge that I've gained from enrolling!"

— Brandon Wilson,

Intermediate Piano Student, Age 30

"KiJuan is a thoughtful, intuitive music teacher, who always comes up with ingenious ways to engage his students in the learning process. In my case, when he learned that I was a songwriter who played my songs by ear, he challenged me to learn by working on my compositions. But the thing that impressed me about Mr. Banks, more than anything else, is his positive attitude! It's quite a confidence booster to a student when he or she is learning new things."

— Adrienne Jordan

Advanced Piano Student, Age 64

"I would have to say my favorite aspect or particular part would be learning music by ear and by reading. I'm enjoying  the experience. KKSOM makes wanting to learn to play piano fun and very interesting. And the fact that it's made simple is amazing!"

- Eric Deon Taylor,

Beginner Piano Student

Gospel Music Recording Artist, Age 44


Facebook Reviews

"This man of God is good at doing what he does. He plays and teaches really well."

- Kiara Ericka Banks

"Great person and a great teacher. You will learn and have a lot of fun."

- Sharoune MzShay Foster

"What can I say about this mighty Man of God, Minstrel, and Teacher!! He is awesome and dedicated to the call, and helping others. His gift is awesome!!"

- Ashley Renae Baldridge

"I've just started my journey of rejuvenation in the area of playing the keyboard. KiJuan Banks, first of all, prayed with me, and then he went to work right off teaching me in such a profound way. I encourage you to check out Kingdom Keys School of Music. I now know that you're never too old to learn."

- Shirley Canady Jackson

"This has been a really great learning experience for my son and myself as well!!! Kingdom Keys School of Music is helping to bring out my son's God given gift to play music!!!"

- Mike Sears Sr.

"Ever wanted to play under the flow of the anointing of God? Well, here's your chance to learn! Let Kingdom Keys School of Music teach you or your child how to play piano, keyboard or organ. You won't be disappointed!"

- Colby Carrington

These are just a fraction of the success stories Kingdom Keys has generated! Get the Kingdom Keys experience firsthand by becoming a student through our quick and easy registration process!


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