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Long before the official opening of KKSOM in February 2016, our founder, K.V. Banks would teach piano to anyone who was willing and ready to learn. His heart for helping others fulfill their dreams served as a catalyst to not only bring his vision to pass, but to continue running with the vision.


KKSOM has certainly come a long way since their launch in 2016. Today, KKSOM serves a wide range of students: young children, working parents, entrepreneurs, music artists and even retired adults. KKSOM was launched with an initiative to service everyone who fervently desired to play the piano, regardless of age. 


KKSOM is certainly growing and thriving in the correct direction. Stay tuned as we launch into new territory that will allow students across the nation and even the world to share the heart and passion of KKSOM. There is no better time to be apart of KKSOM than NOW!

 KiJuan V. Banks
About Our Founder 


KiJuan “K.V.” Banks truly has a heart for music and advancing the art of music through worship and personal development. Since middle school, K.V. has traveled and competed in various choral and drama workshops and competitions across the state of Michigan. He has served as minister of music in his local church and music director for various groups such as The University of Michigan - Dearborn Gospel Choir, gospel recording artist Lynn McCree & Judah 1st, Tiffany Nichole` Ministries and #365iWorship Session. K.V. believes in using his gift to glorify God through worship and loves to instruct others on how to do the same. KKSOM has been able to reach countless lives, enhancing their sound of worship and deepening their love for music!

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